WALLESS assisted SE Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant in a tender for a first-of-its-kind project worldwide

The SE Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant signed two contracts for design services of reactor dismantling technologies with prominent consortiums led by Westinghouse Electric Company (with Jacobs Slovakia and Lietuvos Energetikos Institutas) and Electricite de France (with Graphitech). Dismantling the cores from two RBMK-type nuclear reactors is the first-of-its-kind project worldwide.

It is a part of the decommissioning of Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant project, which itself is a first-ever project of such kind. Awarding such unique contracts also required a unique and tailored approach to structuring, preparing, and conducting public tender.

Congratulations to all the parties! And special thanks to Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant for providing WALLESS team, led by partner Laura Ziferman and associate partner Marius Dobilas, the possibility to assist in all these stages of the tender!

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