WALLESS advised JNG Investments OÜ, in a transaction where JNG Investments acquired a 100% holding in wholesaler AS Balt-Hellin, which is based in Tartu and supplies raw materials to companies involved in food production and processing.

Balt-Hellin was founded by baker Otto Schütt in Tartu in 1993. As a trading company, they offer to approximately 1,700 business customers the raw materials of Western European and international origin that customers need for their work. Well-known and recognized international partners also support customers in product development and evolution. Balt-Hellin’s customers are cafes, restaurants, bakeries and confectioneries, food companies, petrol stations, and retail chains in all three Baltic countries. The company’s turnover in the previous financial year was 12.9 million euros.

The best-known companies of the Baltic JNG Investments group, whose main activities are the wholesale of food, consumer goods and lubricants, and provision of logistics services, are the Jungent sales and marketing companies and the Via 3L logistics companies.

WALLESS team consisted in Estonia of partner Karl-Erich Trisberg, senior associate Kaisa Üksik, senior associate Piret Luiga, counsel Angela Kase and junior associate Laura Melk and in Latvia partner Zane Eglīte-Fogele, associate partner Andis Ozoliņš, lead of practice Ingūna Ābele and senior associate Kristers Zālītis.

Read more about the transaction: http://ow.ly/AOcy50KiyhC (in English) and http://ow.ly/zGhB50Kiyjn  (in Estonian).

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