WALLESS represented NGOs in litigation concerning the high-speed railway Rail Baltic

Our firm successfully advised and represented Kohila County, ARB and several environmental NGOs in litigation concerning the planning of Rail Baltic. Rail Baltic is a planned high-speed regional rail connection that will connect Estonia with Central and Western Europe and its neighbours. It is also one of the biggest public investments in Estonia (and other Baltic States) in the years to come, improving travel opportunities for people as well as developing business and trade, tourism, and the exchange of goods in the region. Rail Baltic is an international project that connects the three Baltic States; Finland and Poland are involved as partners. WALLESS represented clients who consider the currently chosen route to be uneconomical as well as detrimental to environmental protection. In May 2020, the Supreme Court ruled in favour of our clients, declaring the southern part of the chosen railway route to be in contravention with the EU and national nature protection rules.

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