Lithuania boosts energy security

Great news for Lithuania’s energy independence and security! Lithuania has taken a bold step with the launch of the “Energy Cells” 200MW energy storage system. This marks a significant milestone in fortifying Lithuania’s energy system and ensuring grid stability.

This is the first project of its kind in the Baltic States and one of the first and largest in Europe.

With support from EU funding, Lithuania’s energy ambitions shine brightly. Once synchronised with the continental European grid, the 200 MW storage system will help achieve ambitious renewable energy goals.

Kudos to the WALLESS team, including partners Laura Ziferman, Darius Miniotas, associate partners Vygintas Kuprys, Marius Dobilas, and Tomas Balčiūnas, for their essential role in implementing this project.

WALLESS congratulates the “Energy Cells” and EPSO-G teams on this achievement!

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