Dr. Evaldas Klimas

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Evaldas has gained over 10 years of his experience across most complex real estate development projects in Lithuania. His attention to detail means he works across the entire life cycle of real estate projects, starting with land zoning and planning issues, through to design, construction and development management contracting. A published author and expert in the real estate sector, Evaldas wrote one of the industries leading papers; The Commentary on the Law of the Republic of Lithuania on Territorial Planning (2017) and was the first to defend his thesis in the area of construction law in Lithuania. Clients, colleagues and external councils appreciate Evaldas’ efficient, ‘straight to the point’ attitude and he is often praised with finding the best solutions in the most complicated situations. He is also an assoc. professor at Mykolas Romeris University (Fields of research: Territorial Planning Law and Construction Law, Land Law, Environmental Law, Protection of Property Rights, Defence of the Public Interest).

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