PPA – one of the remedies to overcome the energy crisis?

2022 11 08

Electricity prices will stabilize, unfortunately, it won’t happen today and even tomorrow. So, businesses facing energy price spikes must be proactive in implementing new concepts or technologies that would help reduce and stabilize costs,” – WALLESS partner Vaidotas Puklevičius said during Verslo Žinios discussion “Energetikos žiema: sprendimai verslui”.

WALLESS partner describes the crisis as a disease that needs to be treated with the right medicine. How so? Electricity consumption regulated by artificial intelligence,  old but not yet integrated concepts such as PPA and energy communities. They all should find their place among ordinary consumers and businesses in solving energy problems.

The world-popular PPA (power purchase agreement) model still does not receive the attention it deserves in Lithuania but can be one of the cures. Vaidotas Puklevičius mentions that to conclude PPAs with producers, it is necessary to speed up the construction of electricity production facilities such as solar wind parks. For this to happen faster, bureaucratic obstacles must be reduced, too.

The energy winter will be long, so we all need to prepare for it properly.

Discussion you can find here: https://verslodiskusija.vz.lt/energetikos-ziema-sprendimai-verslui/

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