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Join the WALLESS team of legal experts whose experience will reshape the traditional legal landscape.

Boundary free

Our attorneys do not work within walls. At WALLESS, boundaries are seen as challenges and not obstacles. We encourage pioneering new fields and excelling in chosen practice areas.


Our clients are at the core of everything we do. Help Fortune 500 global and fast growing local companies and business leaders break down serious legal and business issues. Join the team that strives to work closely with the clients, ensured by our high partner to associate ratio.


Transparency is at the very core of our business practice. Our clients would not regard us as the region’s leading law-firm otherwise.


We are committed to implementing the most current business practices into our operations. Our lean working processes and flat management structure allows us to focus on creating tailored legal solutions for our clients. It also allows you to learn directly from the most experienced colleagues.

To join the new generation of lawyers, send your resumé to

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