WALLESS Collaborates with CAViA to Improve Aviation Business Environment in Lithuania

2019 10 03

Civil aviation association (CAViA) and WALLESS signed a partnership agreement which will allow them to collaborate in improving aviation business development in Lithuania.

President of CAViA Joris Gintilas sees the partnership with WALLESS as mutual long-term investment aiming to make civil aviation regulation more effective, as well as to create a better aviation business environment in Lithuania. He hopes WALLESS professionals will provide CAViA with new oppurtunities to seek their ambitious objectives.

According to the WALLESS Aviation team lead Gediminas Rečiūnas, CAViA gathers the most proactive aviation market players in Lithuania, whose professional expertise can support Lithuania in becoming the leader of the aviation sector. WALLESS is honored to join CAViA and use their knowledge of the law to help the association achieve its goals.


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