WALLESS Contributed a Chapter on Lithuania to Sweet&Maxwell’s Aircraft Finance Handbook

2022 04 13

Aircraft Finance Regulation, Security and Enforcement compiles all information on laws governing aircraft registration, aircraft security registration, aircraft mortgage enforcement, lease registration, and enforcement and tax elements.

The primary work tackles three fundamental issues that affect jurisdictions all over the world. This includes topics such as the prerequisites for aircraft registration, the criteria for mortgages and other security interests in aircraft and spare parts to be registered, and methods available for enforcing the law.

WALLESS partner Gediminas Rečiūnas and Senior Associate Enrika Tamašauskaitė were the sole authors of the Lithuanian chapter. Their 26-page summary delves into detail on aircraft regulation, security, and enforcement. It also addresses a slew of other problems that arise as a result of these three core concerns.

You can find more information on the handbook here: http://ow.ly/wnJw50Iyc5L

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