Risto Sidok will give a webinar of how to draft a rental contract skilfully

2024 05 13

WALLESS attorney at law Risto Sidok will give an in-depth overview of how to draft a quality tenancy agreement to avoid problems later on, at the online training on 12 June.

Skilful drafting of tenancy agreements, knowledge of the legal remedies, the basis and practice for terminating tenancies and ways to get rid of malicious tenants are essential knowledge for anyone involved in letting and tenancy agreements.

Risto specialises in the prevention and resolution of civil disputes. He has been advising clients, including on various issues concerning tenancy agreements, both in and out of court for more than 10 years. Risto has also acted as a landlord himself, having personal practical experience of the everyday issues in this area.

The training is organised in cooperation with the Estonian Training and Conference Centre.

Read further (in Estonian) here: https://rb.gy/9jlijt

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