Highly regarded litigator Dr. Simona Drukteinienė joins WALLESS

2019 02 18

The WALLESS law firm has grown by one more professional. This week, Dr. Simona Drukteinienė, joined the WALLESS team as an associate partner. She specializes in the areas of litigation and insurance.

Simona has over 18 years of experience in litigation in Lithuania’s general and administrative courts, as well as the Vilnius Court of Commercial Arbitration, where she is also a recommended arbitrator. Simona is a member of the committee supervising the Civil Code of the Republic of Lithuania, appointed by the Minister of Justice. The vast experience as both an arbitrator and a litigator, along with her deep knowledge of civil and commercial law adds value to her legal work with clients.

Simona’s expertise in the area of liability for damages at both national and international levels has made her an expert in the field of civil liability. Her publications and academic work strongly contribute to the development of case-law in Lithuanian courts.

At WALLESS we are thrilled to see that top tier professional are joining our mission to revamp Baltic Legal scene with more openness, optimized processes, and improved relationships with clients based on earned trust.