WALLESS Participated in Attraction of Strategic Investor to the Largest Insurance Intermediary in Latvia

WALLESS provided legal support to the shareholders of SIA R&D apdrošināšanas brokers in attraction of strategic investor. As a result of the transaction, RENOMIA a.s. became a shareholder of SIA R&D apdrošināšanas brokers and its associated company SIA RD AB, acquiring a 60% stake in both Latvian companies.
RENOMIA a.s. is an insurance service provider incorporated in the Czech Republic which, since its inception in 1993, has become a major insurance intermediary service provider in Central and Eastern Europe.
Founded in 2007, SIA R&D apdrošināšanas brokers is the largest insurance intermediary company in Latvia, which, according to the data of the Association of Insurance Intermediaries of Latvia, has been the largest insurance intermediary company in terms of premiums written since 2012.

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