WALLESS assisted Swedbank in arranging EUR 75 million sustainability linked bonds issue of EPSO-G

The first sustainability-linked bond issue occurred in the Baltics – the energy transmission and exchange group EPSO-G, raised €75 million through a sustainability-related bond issue.

WALLESS team consisted of partner Joana Baublytė-Kulvietė, associate partner Laurynas Narvydas, senior associate Enrika Tamašauskaitė, and associate Karolis Katauskas assisted Swedbank in the organization and distribution of EPSO-G’s €75 million sustainability bond issue.

The five-year bonds, with a yield of 3.117%, were bought by institutional investors from Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and Sweden, according to a statement from EPSO-G. The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) bought almost a third of the issue amounting to EUR 22.5 million.

The funds raised will be used to finance the group’s strategic energy projects, thereby strengthening Lithuania’s energy independence.

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