WALLESS assisted Goindex in obtaining a license to operate as a pension fund company from the Bank of Lithuania

It will become the first pension fund management company in Lithuania offering pension accumulation exclusively in passively managed second and third-tier pension funds. This will be achieved by directing investment into index funds.

A new player entering the pension fund market is very rare and represents a positive shift for potential clients in Lithuania. Passively managed index funds are gaining in popularity around the world because of their simplicity, transparency, low fees, and, as market analysts regularly analyze the funds’ historical data, better long-term investment performance than most actively managed funds.

Index funds offer the opportunity to invest in the entire global financial market at once, i.e. without having to choose specific company stocks or bonds. In addition, in these pension funds, managers will not try to “predict the market” and will not make any active tactical investment decisions, which will also help clients save costs.

The WALLESS team assisting Goindex consisted of partner Gediminas Rečiūnas and associate partner Laurynas Narvydas.

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