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Indrek Teder

Counsel | Attorney at Law
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    • Walless strength

      Standing up for justice

    • Professional rankings
    • Languages
      • Estonian, Russian, English
    • Career
      • Law firm DERLING PRIMUS, Of Counsel (2018-2020)
      • Indrek Teder law firm, Partner (2015-2018)
      • Chancellor of Justice of the Republic of Estonia (2008-2015)
      • Law firm Teder Glikman & Partners, Managing Partner (2004-2008)
      • Law firm Teder & Rask, Partner (1993-2003)
      • Law firm Teder, Senior Associate (1992-1993)
      • Bar Association, member of the management board and Vice-Chair, Lawyer (1990-1992)
      • Tallinn I Law Office, Lawyer (1983-1991)
    • Education
      • Individual study at the Hamburg office of the Schulz, Noack, Bärwinkel Law Firm, 1991
      • Master of Laws, University of Tartu, 1983

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