WALLESS Welcomes a New Partner for Real Estate M&A

2019 12 19

Starting January 1, Indrė Jonaitytė-Gricė will take the leadership role in the real estate M&A transactions practice at WALLESS. She will become the 11th Partner and the 46th team member to join the firm. With in-depth knowledge and wide-range experience with structuring and executing complex real estate M&A transactions, Indre contributed on closing more than 52 deals with a total value exceeding 1.1 billion EUR. She also represented buy or sell side as the leader of the legal team in the majority of the largest real estate transactions in the Baltics in 2017-2018.

“I am very proud to join WALLESS team who is so focused on the work quality and showcase such dedication to the clients,” said Indrė Joinaitytė-Gricė. “I have no doubt that we will be a good match as I strongly believe in putting the client interests first. I see the unstoppable leadership of the firm and I want to be a part of it.”

Indre has experience in working with major real estate investment transactions in Lithuania. She developed transaction structures and contracts that became the market standard in the Baltic region. Her career advanced in two leading Pan-Baltic law firms and will proceed at WALLESS.

“I believe the knowledge and experience Indrė brings will be of the utmost value to our firm. The real estate M&A transactions practice is very important to our clients, so we are glad to welcome another experienced professional in this field,” commented Dovilė Burgienė, the managing partner of WALLESS.

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