WALLESS represents the municipal councils of Räpina and Põlva at the Supreme Court

2024 04 17

Yesterday, WALLESS partner Margo Lemetti and attorney Mariliis Timmermann represented the municipal councils of Räpina and Põlva at a public hearing of the Supreme Court General Assembly. At issue was whether the additional obligation imposed on municipalities by the Social Welfare Act to finance general care services to the extent specified in the Act is a national or local responsibility.

The local authorities consider that the additional obligation created by the amendment to the Social Welfare Act to finance the provision of general care services for all persons entitled to such services, irrespective of the financial situation of the recipient or of his or her legal dependants, is a national responsibility which must be fully financed by the State.

According to Villu Kõve, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, a decision on this issue is likely before the summer.

A live webcast of the hearing can be found in Estonian at https://rb.gy/tozb5n

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