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WALLESS Prevailed in the €1m Court of Appeal Case Relating to Lease Termination

2020 12 23

The case dealt with the right of the tenant to terminate the long-term lease contract. The question was, if it was entitled to do so seven years after signing the contract or after taking over the premises. The hand-over took place significantly later as the landlord had to fit out the premises. WALLESS defended its client’s interests, proving that the linguistic interpretation of the contract prevails in this case. There was no reason to conclude that the subjective view of the landlord was in line with the intentions of the parties. The tenant was acting lawfully, terminating the contract 7 years after signing it.

Congratulations to WALLESS partner Simona Drukteinienė for defending the client’s interests in the Lithuanian Court of Appeal and helping the client win a €1m lawsuit.

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