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WALLESS Partners Dr. Aistė Medelienė and Dr. Mindaugas Lukas Contributed to Chambers and Partners Corporate Tax 2021 Global Practice Guide

2021 03 19

WALLESS partners Dr. Aistė Medelienė and Dr. Mindaugas Lukas contributed to Chambers and Partners Corporate Tax 2021 Global Practice Guide by overviewing the general trends in Tax Regulation and Administration, and the Role of the Tax Authorities under COVID-19 in Lithuania.

The Global Practice Guide provides clients with expert legal commentary on the main practice areas in key jurisdictions around the world. Written with clients in mind, the guide enables the business client to identify and compare current legal issues across jurisdictions in a range of business-critical practice areas.

In the article, Aiste and Mindaugas point out that while some sectors were facing serious challenges being highly restricted and unable to provide services, others moved online and after a while continued their business as usual. Despite that taxmen adapted to the changes and modified their methods of operation, priorities of control, and engaged new means of monitoring the activities of taxpayers. 

Read the full article here.

Find the full guide here.

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