WALLESS Assisted Vilnius City Municipality in Clearing State Aid for National Stadium

2022 04 01

Yet another final step was achieved in materializing the dream of the “National Stadium” in Lithuania, which has lasted for over three decades. The European Commission cleared that the state aid in this project is compatible with the internal market and proportional.

Multifunctional Complex in Vilnius concession project is the most complex and the largest PPP project being implemented in Lithuania ever. It took more than 5 years from the issuance of the tender conditions until the signing of the contract.

European Commission found this project to be complex and required significant input to get acquainted with it. But after receiving detailed clarifications and substantiations, a green light to continue this project was given.

The WALLESS team comprising of  Laura Ziferman, Dovilė Burgienė, Marius Dobilas, and Darius Miniotas spent more than 1500 hours assisting Vilnius City Municipality in making this happen. You might ask why so many? The task involved not only the preparation of tender conditions, drafting of the concession agreement and negotiating it with the bidder, defending the procurement decisions in 3 court cases, coordinating the interests of two granting authorities and changing governing parties, mitigating the effects of lost EU funding, clearing the state aid scheme with the European Commission, and many other things.

Determination and belief of our client led us all forward and extended the limits of our capabilities each time we thought it is over.

We are happy for our client and us as Vilnius residents that such extreme team effort finally led to commencing of actual construction works.

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