WALLESS Advised a Leading UK Healthcare Company on Strategic Partnership Regarding Genetic Testing for Cancer

2021 11 16

WALLESS advised Everything Genetic, a leading distributor of market-leading genetic test brands into the UK market, on concluding a long-term strategic partnership agreement with the Estonian health technology company Antegenes. The agreement involved an investment of EUR 500,000 in the Estonian company Antegenes. Everything Genetic’s CEO, James Price, says the Antegenes investment into polygenic risk testing technology, can vastly improve patient outcomes for those likely to develop cancers. “Genetic testing for cancer has until now been the preserve of an exclusive few, only available in private clinics with costs running into the thousands, but this new investment into the Antegenes service will deliver a cost-effective way to bring down the cost of this novel tech.“

Dr James Mackay, medical Director at Everything Genetic explains that Antegenes tests have the potential to turn the old trope of prevention being better than the cure on its head, in identifying predisposition to certain conditions even before prevention.  “It demonstrates an exciting step in the advancement of life sciences and we really can’t wait to see how the technology impacts individual patients’ outcomes across the UK,” added Dr Mackay.


Everything Genetic is a leading distributor of market-leading genetic test brands into the UK market, with the aim to democratise genetic testing to healthcare providers and patients for detection, diagnosis and treatment of cancer, cardiac and other illnesses.


WALLESS team included partner Hannes Vallikivi and associate Kaisa Saarmann.

Read more:  http://ow.ly/4bMN50GOK6Z

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