Margo Lemetti and Tanel Kask achieved the acquittal of Kajar Lember

2024 03 12

Last week, the Tartu Circuit Court’s decision acquitting former Tartu deputy mayor and entrepreneur Kajar Lember of corruption and bribery charges came into force.

WALLESS partner Margo Lemetti and attorney at law Tanel Kask contributed to the positive outcome of the case, which lasted eight years.

According to Margo Lemetti, the case was an unreasonably protracted criminal proceeding that should have ended before the indictment was filed, when the prosecution was presented with statements and evidence that the suspicion was unfounded. Unfortunately, the prosecution lacked the courage to withdraw from the proceedings. The well-motivated decision of the Tartu Circuit Court is a landmark decision in the development of judicial practice and will hopefully help to prevent unfounded accusations and unreasonable trials in the future.

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