Maret Kruus: is it possible to use a living will in Estonia?

2024 02 22

In her article, WALLESS Attorney at Law Maret Kruus, an expert in medical law, explains the issue of living will, which has recently been the subject of public discussion.

People of all ages, both sick and healthy, may be interested in living will. We may all find ourselves in a situation, as a result of illness or accident, where we are no longer able to express our wish to withdraw from life-sustaining treatment. In these situations, many European countries have made use of a living will.

In Estonia, there is no specific regulation on living wills, but there are plans to add patient will to the health portal, as well as to draw up the necessary guidelines and amend legislation.

The lively response to the article shows that this is an important issue for many and needs a clear framework.

Read more (in Estonian) here:

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