Energy Conference 2023

2023 02 23

If you wonder what topic guarantees a full house at a conference these days, the answer is undoubtedly – energy.

At Päeveleht’s Energy Conference “Future and security”, the tension was maintained until the end by conference speakers, top players in the field and politicians. During the conference, it was suggested that Estonia should enter the new energy era with startup-like speed and make renewable energy the engine of the economy. Also, conference participants analysed the effects of the energy crisis.

Edgar Velbri, WALLESS Estonia Partner and Head of Energy Law, noted during the panel discussion that the energy crisis is changing from a price crisis to a price stability crisis: “In certain energy-intensive economic sectors, the classic market mechanism, on which winners and losers are distinguished, is turning into a lottery. The winners and losers depend on the choice of the right electricity package, not on the basis we are used to.”

Edgar Velbri also pointed out that the investment confidence of entrepreneurs suffers from sudden price fluctuations. As one of the solutions, Velbri proposed direct electricity sales contracts between producers and consumers, which allows mitigation of the risk of electricity price fluctuations for both sides.

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