WALLESS assisted Ignitis Renewables in agreement, paving the way for Lithuania’s quest for energy independence

WALLESS is proud to have supported Ignitis Renewables in a ground-breaking agreement with E energija. Ignitis Renewables, a leading green energy company, has taken a significant step in expanding its wind farm projects in Lithuania and increasing its green generation capacity. This aligns perfectly with Lithuania’s goal of achieving energy independence and sourcing 100% of its electricity from renewable sources.

Our team of professionals, Partners Povilas Žukauskas and Vaidotas Puklevičius, Associate Partners Šarūnas Basijokas and Vygintas Kuprys, Senior Associates Simona Miliauskaitė – Gintutė and Tomas Paulauskas, Associates Ieva Pikaitė, Monika Bučinskaitė, and Indrė Jocytė, provided comprehensive legal support throughout the deal.

The expected investment in this wind farm project, including acquisition and construction costs, is estimated at approximately EUR 550 million. This significant investment highlights Ignitis Renewables’, which belongs to Ignitis Group, commitment to sustainable energy growth.

At WALLESS, we are honored to have played a part in this milestone achievement as Ignitis Renewables moves towards its strategic goal of increasing green generation and achieving a target of 4-5GW of installed capacity by 2030. Lithuania is driving the transition to a greener future!

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