Typhoon Wealth Group Limited completed the acquisition of Ambr Payments

One of the few permissions granted by the Bank of Lithuania this year so far – the acquisition of the electronic money institution Ambr Payments UAB by Typhoon Wealth Group Limited.

Authorized by the Bank of Lithuania in 2020, Ambr Payments UAB targets small and medium enterprises within European online marketplaces. Now, with a new investor – Typhoon Wealth Group Limited, an international group headquartered in London and powered by a fully integrated European digital banking platform – Ambr Payments is set for growth and technological advancement.

WALLESS team of experts – partner Gediminas Rečiūnas, associate partners Akvilė Marozaitė, Asta Lygnugarytė, Marija Grigaravičienė and associate Ieva Pikaitė, provided legal advice to Typhoon Wealth Group Limited throughout the acquisition process. From structuring the transaction from Lithuanian legal perspective, obtaining the permissions from the Bank of Lithuania and National Security Authorities to closing the deal, WALLESS ensured a seamless transition of ownership.

Congratulations to both Typhoon Wealth Group Limited and Ambr teams on this new chapter!

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