Šiaulių bankas raises EUR 50 million in successful subordinated bond issuance with WALLESS as legal advisor

WALLESS is proud to have served as the legal advisor to Šiaulių Bankas, which has successfully concluded a 10-year subordinated bond issuance, raising EUR 50 million in the international financial markets.

As Šiaulių bankas continues its upward trajectory, it attracts increasing interest from both Lithuanian and foreign institutional investors. By including these subordinated bonds in the bank’s Tier 2 capital, the bank can now expand its capital base, providing spacious room for sustainable growth.

The international subordinated bond issuance has exceeded initial expectations, capturing the attention of investors. The funds raised through this venture will further enable the bank to maintain its lending volume to Lithuanian businesses, establish an efficient capital structure and meet supervisory authority requirements.

WALLESS is honoured to have contributed to this success through our team of Partners, Joana Baublytė-Kulvietė and Laurynas Narvydas, Associate Partner Enrika Tamašauskaitė, and Associate Karolis Katauskas.

Together, we celebrate Šiaulių bankas’s significant milestone and eagerly anticipate its continued growth and success. Kudos to everyone involved in this groundbreaking achievement!

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