Wrong information has been published about your company in the payment default register – what actions should you take?

2023 04 18

With the current economic downturn, rising energy prices, and rapid inflation in mind, some business partners may be tempted to use this opportunity to terminate long-term contracts earlier. One of the accessible tools is the payment default register – a publicly accessible database used by all the major Estonian creditors. It gathers information about debts and alleged debts due for more than forty-five days. As this data can be entered by anyone, there is room for false information to be used for the wrong purposes.

Accounting and tax news magazine Raamatupidamisuudised has published a second article by WALLESS Attorney-at-Law Evelin Lisett Ratnik, where she continues sharing her expertise and advice on fighting against wrong information published in the payment default register.

Read the first article here: https://bit.ly/3KKgjh0

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