Will there be more freedom in performing background checks?

2022 10 20
Recruiting in Lithuania? Good luck finding out if your candidate has a criminal background.
Because for now, the country’s rules for companies to collect data on candidates’ criminal activities are extremely strict.
But there’s a movement towards helping companies to take more informed decisions: this week, a draft amendment to the Law on the Legal Protection of Personal Data was presented.
WALLESS GDPR experts share the main takeaways of the document:
• It will provide all the companies, including those, that are not legally obliged to ensure that their candidates are not convinced, an alternative legal basis for processing data on convictions and criminal offenses, i.e., a legitimate interest.
• State Data Inspectorate will be obliged to publish all their decisions within 5 days. The lawmakers believe it will increase public awareness of data protection rules.
Although this is only a draft proposal, this would give businesses more ways to protect their legitimate interests.

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