Why the Robinson List is not a joke when planning a marketing campaign

2023 03 16

One of the latest decisions from the Garante (Italian DPA) reminds us that the Robinson List could pose a monetary risk if not taken into consideration carefully. Edison Energia was fined 4.9 million euros and now knows that the “Robinson List” is not just symbolically bound to the protagonist of Daniel Defoe’s novels, but is a widely used term for an advertising exclusion list. It expresses the desire of everyone who signs up for it to reject unwanted communication from marketing companies.

Regardless of the cost savings or image-related reasons, the fact, that some people do not wish to be solicited via phone calls, SMS, emails, or other personal communication channels, should always be respected by the companies. There are rules in various countries limiting such marketing practices. These rules mostly allow direct advertising only if the recipients have consented to receive it (opt-in) or if they have not registered for the Robinson List (opt-out). There may be other legal requirements that vary depending on the means of communication (direct personal calls or automated calls, emails, etc.), the nature of the individuals to whom advertising is directed (natural or legal persons), the time when communication is allowed, or the type of information provided when communication is initiated.

WALLESS team can help you understand the legal requirements adopted in different countries to mitigate the legal risks of marketing campaigns and associated legal costs.

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