We are Happy to Announce Promotions at WALLESS Estonia

2022 01 19

As of 1 January 2022 our top experts steer a straight course ahead: Sandra-Kristin Kärner has made equity partner, and as of this year Edgar-Kaj Velbri continues as associate partner and Angela Kase as counsel at WALLESS Estonia. All three are undisputedly leading specialists in Estonia: Sandra Kristin is a recognized expert in criminal law as well as in civil litigation and a valued lecturer at the University of Tartu, Edgar-Kaj is the head of energy law at WALLESS Estonia and an experienced advisor in energy-related projects and disputes, and Angela is one of the few lawyers in Estonia having a master’s degree both in civil engineering and law, making her one of the most experienced, versatile and notable real estate lawyers in Estonia. Thank you for your continuous hard work to maintain the top service quality and market leader position in terms of client satisfaction.


More information: http://ow.ly/wWhm50HxGbA


Meet our experts:

Sandra-Kristin Kärner – http://ow.ly/kaG250HxGbC

Edgar-Kaj Velbri – http://ow.ly/4HxV50HxGbB

Angela Kase – http://ow.ly/87Hz50HxGbE

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