Sanctions – What Businesses Need to Know (Continuously Updated)

2022 03 03

2022 03 03

WALLESS team thanks everyone who has already joined the initiative and shared the email about the real situation in Ukraine with their contacts in Russia. Together we have already sent more than 50 thousand emails to Russian companies, organizations, and institutions.

As the situation keeps changing, we share an updated template. Feel free to copy, use, send this email – let’s spread the truth!

Template in ENG:

Template in RU:

2022 03 02

Sanctions on Russia and Belarus – what do businesses need to assess?

The WALLESS team shares advice for businesses on how to manage the risks associated with sanctions.

Following the Russian Federation’s large-scale military aggression against the sovereign state of Ukraine, the European Union and the international community as a whole have imposed an unprecedented scale and scope of restrictive measures against the Russian Federation and against individuals/companies. Sanctions are also being extended to the Republic of Belarus, which is complicit in the aggression. This will also affect businesses in Lithuania and Latvia.

Find the information in LT here:

Find the information in LV here:

2022 03 02

As of yesterday (1st of March), a simplified employment procedure for Ukrainian citizens arriving to Lithuania has been introduced. Those who use a visa-free regime, have a national visa, residence permit, or have already applied for asylum in Lithuania will be able to start working immediately. In practice, this means that employers (Lithuanian companies) will no longer need to submit an application to the Employment Service Institution for a work permit or decision that a person meets the needs of the Lithuanian labor market.

Also, State Authorities confirmed previous unofficial information that no fee will be due for visa and residence permit applications submitted by Ukrainians staying in Lithuania for humanitarian reasons.

Find more information here:

2022 02 28

The WALLESS team contacted every business contact in Russia to help them understand that the tragedy in Ukraine affects them personally.

We encourage our customers and business contacts to do the same! To spread the knowledge of the aggression that is happening in Ukraine to their contacts in Russia. We share with you the content of the email we sent – feel free to copy, use, send it.

We believe that such direct and humane communication will contribute to a faster peaceful end to this tragedy.

Email template in ENG –

Email template in RU –

2022 02 28

WALLESS team shares essential information for Ukrainian citizens arriving in Lithuania.

See the information here:

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