WALLESS Estonia Managing Partner Piret Kergandberg interviewed by Äripäev Radio

2022 01 21

WALLESS Estonia Managing Partner Piret Kergandberg was interviewed by Äripäev Radio where they discussed WALLESS’s last year financial results, the market situation of law firms, and the career choices of lawyers more broadly.

“Practice areas that keep lawyers busy are related to issues topical in the society. Currently, the keywords are M&A, real estate, fintech and technology, intellectual property, and data protection, as well as white-collar defense,” Piret Kergandberg said.

It was suggested that one of WALLESS’ strengths is the equally balanced development of M&A/corporate advisory and dispute resolution practice areas.

Listen to the radio interview in Estonian here: http://ow.ly/OQKU50HzFyy

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