WALLESS Contributes Chapter to CEE Legal Matters’ Comparative Legal Guide: White Collar Crime 2022

2022 06 23

WALLESS contributed a chapter on Lithuania to CEE Legal Matters’ Comparative Legal Guide: White Collar Crime 2022. Senior associate Indrė Kupcikevičiūtė served as the sole author of the 7-page overview.

The guide provides critical information on the legal framework regarding bribery and corruption in the CEE region. It allows for a comparison between jurisdictions as to how bribery is defined, if there is criminal liability for corporate entities, what are the sanctions and limitation periods, are there any defenses, and what is the role of anti-corruption compliance.

The chapter on Lithuania delves into detail on the specifics of white-collar crime in the country. This includes the definitions of relevant terms, relevant legislation regarding private sector bribery, the absence of regulations on gifts and hospitality, and corporate criminal liability, to name but a few aspects.

More information can be found here.

Download the guide in PDF format here.

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