WALLESS Advised Turnit on a major SaaS Contract with Samtrafiken

2022 04 06

With the assistance of WALLESS’ senior associate Margot Arnus, supported by partner Rolan Jankelevitsh, the Estonian travel tech company Turnit entered into an agreement with Samtrafiken to transfer a large part of the Swedish’s bus, train, and urban multi-modal transport ticketing to the Turnit Ride platform.

Turnit will process tickets of approximately 50 rail and bus operators in Sweden, including the country’s 21 independent regional Public Transport Authorities. The contract is worth 2 billion SEK (about 2 million EUR) in ticket sales annually. Go-Live of the new Turnit provided system is planned for July 2023.

Turnit is an Estonian travel technology company providing Turnit Ride reservation and inventory management solutions. Samtrafiken is an organization formed by Swedish local authorities and major passenger transport companies.

Read more: http://ow.ly/gpj850IBPtZ

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