The Supreme Court of Estonia gave an opportunity to students to be a judge for a day

2023 01 24

Would you like to be a judge for a day? The Supreme Court of Estonia recently gave such an opportunity to students from all over the country and invited them to administer justice by participating in a case-solving competition.

In the competition held for the 18th time, 9-12 grade students chose from three cases similar to the ones judges come across on a daily basis. The participants solved them by writing a paper or using a creative form, such as essays, poems, drawings, videos, etc.

The competition received 104 entries with the best ones being awarded. Evelin Lisett Ratnik, who served as a juror in the competition, gave out a special WALLESS award, that went to Gabriela Turkin and Alice Zorjanova from Tallinn French Lyceum, supervised by Peter Pedak.

Congratulations to all the winners and participants! Stay curious!

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