Podcast TELL ME SOMETHING | The legal side of public procurement

2023 05 29

WALLESS and COBALT have teamed up to simplify the legal side of public procurement and present a podcast TELL ME SOMETHING.

Tune in to explore the world of public procurement, offering valuable insights and discussions. In this episode, we explore the legal aspects, including green procurement, the public procurement system, and the remarkable progress made in Lithuania. Gain a comprehensive macro perspective on this dynamic field. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to hear from the best public procurement law professionals, Dr Deividas Soloveičik (Partner and Head of Public Procurement practice at COBALT) and Laura Ziferman (Co-founder and partner at Walless), as they share their expertise, advice, and vision for public procurement. Get ready for thought-provoking debates, hot market topics, and engaging conversations.

Tune in now to Part 1 of the podcast series and be part of the discussion! Listen here: https://rb.gy/vvjbn

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