Growing future business generation: WALLESS course about business law in practice at ISM

2023 02 06

The phrase “our future depends on the youth” may sound worn out, but it is true. It depends on who will be our young leaders, managers, businessmen or businesswomen and how broad-minded they become. So, what can each of us do to help them grow faster?

As of this February, more than 10 WALLESS top-notch lawyers will share their practical knowledge with ISM University of Management and Economics students about topics that are essential for everyone in the business world. They will discuss topics such as contracts, customer protection, intellectual property, employment, property law, and many more.

“While serving our clients and advising on corporate transactions, we gained a massive amount of business experience. We believe that business students should learn legal principles directly from the boardrooms or transaction negotiations. In this course, we will put legal rules in the international context so that the students are ready to establish and run their businesses in Lithuania and expand globally. ISM is an innovative business school, speaking leadership and efficient approach. We also share these values and commit to innovate together” says Andrius Ivanauskas, WALLESS Partner and the curator of this course.

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