Data Protection: 4th Winter With the GDPR

2022 01 28

To mark the occasion of the International Data Protection Day, WALLESS Privacy Team shares with you a presentation of practical key aspects of data protection compliance.

Protection of personal data is a dynamic and rapidly changing field with ever-changing and evolving technologies, business sectors, economic and political situations having a significant impact on the application of the GDPR.

The 16th Data Protection Day also marks the 4th winter with GDPR in Lithuania. Therefore, WALLESS provides a brief review how data protection has evolved since 25 May 2018. This will be useful for everyone who wants to learn how to ensure the GDPR compliance of their company and keep pace with the changes both in Lithuania and the world during last three and a half years.

You can download the presentation here: 4th GDPR winter

If you have any questions, need assistance or advice how to manage your processes, our Associate Partner Guoda Šileikytė and WALLESS Privacy team are always ready to help.

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