Civil liability of a management board member

2022 11 30

An invitation to join the company board is not only an acknowledgement of personal achievements but also a huge responsibility. Evelin Lisett Ratnik, a Senior Associate at Walless together with Estonian training and conference center Eesti Koolitus- ja Konverentsikeskus organized a webinar on the civil liability of a management board members.

The webinar that evolved into an engaging discussion between the participants dove deep into the obligations and responsibilities of a management board members, the civil liability that may occur if those obligations and responsibilities are violated, what claims may arise against a board member and who can file them, what might be the possible claim grounds and scenarios. The questions that were answered were, e.g., whether the liability of a board member differs if the board member is appointed by the court (not by the shareholders); could a claim be brought against a board member who has not prevented another board member from making harmful transactions; etc.

The webinar can be reviewed here (in Estonian):

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