Business theft: when former employees become a threat

2022 11 15

In today’s business climate nothing lasts forever. It’s common for employees to outgrow current positions, look for different opportunities or simply move on to other companies. But on some occasions, these farewells get sour, when former employees take with them more than just good memories, gained experiences, and a quirky parting gift.

WALLESS partner Gediminas Dominas and associate Naglis Mėlinis have recently dealt with such a case of a bitter farewell. The lawyers represented a case where the client’s former commercial manager has poached the company’s suppliers and customers. This resulted in a decreased turnover and a profit loss for the company. After a successful trial, the lawyers were able to prove the former employee’s actions had caused damage to their client and he was ordered to compensate for the losses.

Proving business theft is extremely difficult. But even in such complex cases, it is possible to protect your company in advance. To be on the safe side, prevent unfair competition and the use of trade secrets, always use all the necessary legal safeguards in contracts with employees and internal documents.

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