A step towards better tools to find offers tailored to your needs

2022 10 13

In the era of information and offers overload, it is important to find and use the tools that help narrow it down to your needs. Horizontal Media, which has recently received an investment from LitCapital, is in the right path to make it happen. Latest Horizontal Media acquisition of online classifieds portals “Autogidas” and “Domoplius” will help the company to enhance customer experience, increase the number of services, and strengthen its market position.

WALLESS team members Dovilė Burgienė, Arturas Grimaila, Miglė Jeremičiūtė, Austė Lideikytė, Guoda Šileikytė, Gabrielė Gudauskienė, Nojus Bendoraitis, Mykolas Lukšėnas represented LitCaptal and supported the buyer during the whole process.

Read more: https://litcapital.lt/news-34

#investment #aquisition #law

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