Mirjam Vili

Counsel | Attorney at Law*
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    Mirjam is our cooperation partner in environmental law matters. She has been practicing as a lawyer in the sector of environmental law for more than 15 years and has advised clients in all areas of environmental law. At the same time, she has work experience in both the private and public sectors. Mirjam has participated in the development of many major reforms of Estonian environmental law, such as the codification of the environmental law, reform of the calculation and payment of environmental charges, and transposition of various EU directives. Over the years Mirjam has been the organizer and performer of many pieces of training related to environmental law.

    • Walless Super Power

      Adds the ability to take environmental aspects into account in all our areas of activity.

    • Practice areas
    • Languages
      • Estonian, English, German
    • Career
      • Lecturer in Environmental Law at the University of Tartu (2020-present)
      • Law firm EnvirLaw, Tallinn, Partner, Environmental Law Attorney (2018-present)
      • Estonian Association for Environmental Management (EKJA), Tallinn, Member of the Board (2019–2021)
      • Law firm GLIMSTEDT , Tallinn, Environmental Law Attorney (2011–2017)
      • Member of the Board of Estonian Association for Environmental Management (EKJA), Tallinn (2015–2016)
      • Member of the Working Group on the Codification of the Environmental Law, Tallinn (2010–2011)
      • Forestry Level IV Consultant (Certificate no 043485), Tallinn (2009–2013)
      • Firm bnt attorneys-at-law, Tallinn, Attorney at Law (2008–2011)
      • Head of the Legal Department of the Ministry of the Environment, Tallinn (2004–2008)
      • Adviser to the Legal Department of the Ministry of Justice, Tallinn (2002–2004)
    • Education
      • University of Tartu, Faculty of Law, Doctoral studies (PhD, Environmental Law), graduation is expected in 2022
      • Tallinn University, Faculty of Social Sciences, Master in Social Sciences (Social management strategies), 2008
      • Freie Universität Berlin, Law, LLM, 2002
      • University of Tartu, Law, Master degree equated bachelor’s degree, 2001
    • *Attorney at law, through law firm EnvirLaw OÜ

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