Jovita Gabnienė

Associate Partner | Attorney at Law
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    Jovita is a litigation risk management and dispute resolution expert. Over professional carried exceeding 14 years, Jovita has successfully represented Lithuanian and foreign clients in various commercial and business disputes, including complex, high value, cross-border cases. Among colleagues and clients, Jovita is known as a professional taking full responsibility for trusted matters and looking for solutions in multiple ways. Jovita represents in pre-trial negotiations, court mediation, civil and administrative proceedings of the courts of all the instances. Well-structured persuasive documents and the ability to communicate clearly contribute to the successful end of cases via settlement or court proceedings. Being interested in leisure, fashion, and other creative industries Jovita enjoys working with disputes, that require specific knowledge.

    • Walless Super Power

      Combination of daring, caring and result oriented approach

    • Practice areas
    • Languages
      • Lithuanian, English, Russian
    • Career
      • GABNYS.GABNIENĖ Law firm, Vilnius, Partner (2021-2022)
      • Law firm Ellex Valiunas, Vilnius, Associate Partner (2010-2021)
      • Law firm Gowling WLG, London and Birmingham, Intern (2014)
      • Law firm ECOVIS ProventusLaw, Vilnius, Attorney at Law (2005-2010)
    • Education
      • Leadership in Law Firms, Harvard Law School, 2021
      • Fashion Law, Milano Fashion Institute, 2021
      • UK, EU, USA Copyright, King's College London, 2020
      • Comparative Law, Economics and Finance, International University College of Turin, (Msc), 2013
      • Comparative Law, Economics and Finance, International University College of Turin, (LL.M.), with distinction, 2012
      • Master of Business Law, Mykolas Romeris University, 2008
      • Bachelor of Law and Management, Mykolas Romeris University, 2005

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