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Inga Volungevičiūtė

Associate Partner
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    Inga has over 18 years of experience in regulatory, competition, and lobbying matters. She has participated in the working groups and projects carried out by Parliamentary committees, Government bodies, and various Regulatory authorities. Inga is interested in lobbying because she believes in strengthening democratic institutions, in qualitative improvement of legislative acts, and reconciliation of public needs with the needs and interests of business.

    • Walless strength

      Smart, open and creative

    • Practice areas
    • Languages
      • Lithuanian, English, Russian
    • Career
      • Telia Lietuva, Vilnius, Head of Regulatory and Lobbying, Competition officer (2018-2020)
      • Telia Company, Vilnius, Member of Regulatory and Litigation practice group (2016-2020)
      • Telia Lietuva, Vilnius, Senior legal counsel (2016-2018)
      • Teo LT, Vilnius, Legal counsel (2002-2016)
    • Education
      • Master of Law, Vilnius University, 2002

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